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Our brand NEW score card holders are in!

Also holds your GPS, drink, tees and spare balls

score card holder xsm 

Only $25 each


find-us-on-facebook-4  Phone: 08 8340 1015 or Toll free 1300 667 224

For Maintenance & Repairs at home

The following videos will enable you to maintain and repair your buggy with a few tools and the replacement parts.

Parts are available from Kingcaddy

Ph 1300 667 224
How the Kingcaddy controls work

How to maintain & care for your buggy


How to fold and unfold your buggy


How to replace the controller

How to replace the controller

How to replace the clutch

How to install an umbrella holder

How to replace the bolts on the frame

How to change the fuse 

How to fit the rear wheels


How to replace the springs




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