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Our brand NEW score card holders are in!

Also holds your GPS, drink, tees and spare balls

score card holder xsm 

Only $25 each


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Kingcaddy has a range of Spare Parts for your buggy and we ship Australia Wide. Call us for a quote NOW!

If you don't see what you want here...


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Never has it been easier to look after your own buggy with our pre packaged spare pare kits. Each kit contains all the relevant parts you need to repair the buggy as well as a step by step fitting guide to help fit the parts.

For your convenience please find Fitting Guides that are available under the title of the spare part. Just click on the link!






Battery Bag

Bag Small

Bag Large




Clutch right

pdfFitting Guide

Clutch and axle pin


Clutch Left

pdfFitting Guide

Clutch and axle pin


Rear wheel

Rear wheel and tyre 



pdfFitting Guide

Axle and three pins



Axle bush

Axle bush, bolt and nut



Motor/gearboxpdfFitting Guide

Motor gearbox, 3 pins, wiring



Motor bracket

pdfFitting Guide

Motor bracket, 4 x bolts




pdfFitting Guide

Controller with connectors, bracket

- Australian Made

- Lifetime warranty*


*conditions apply see warranty 



Speed Control Pot

pdfFitting Guide

1 x Speed Pot only (no roller) 



Speed Control Pot Complete

pdfFitting Guide

1 x Speed Pot, includes roller & stop



Switch Assembly

pdfFitting Guide

1 x switch assembly


Green Button

1 x Green button + wiring 


Yellow Button

1 x Yellow button + wiring



Uni Joint

pdfFitting Guide

1 x Uni joint 


Handle wiring

Handle wiring & connectors, grommets



Battery lead

Battery lead (with fuse)

Battery lead (no fuse)







Front wheel assembly

Front wheel assembly complete

- Front wheel separate 





Lower bag holder

pdfFitting Guide

Lower bag holder



Upper bag holder

pdfFitting Guide

Upper bag holder



Bag Strap

1 x Strap


Frame bush assembly

pdfFront lower frame

pdfRear lower frame

pdfRear upper frame

4 x bushes , bolt and nut, covers







Handle assembly

pdfFitting Guide

2 x handle pieces



Power Bar

pdfFitting Guide

Power bar, bolts and spacers


Frame Spring

pdfFitting Guide

Frame spring each 


Seat Box Deluxe

Seat with closing storage compartment


Seat Stem

Seat stem complete


Bucket holder

Standard size sand bucket holder



Overnight metro express postage within Australia;

500gm - $13.50

3kg - $22.50

5kg - $29.50

Allow 2 days delivery for non metro areas. 


All prices are inclusive of GST

Parts remain the property of Kingcaddy until full payment received


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